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bathroom with white tiles

A bathroom remodel is one of the most popular and expensive home improvement projects for homeowners. A bathroom remodel may help increase the value of your home, and there is a place and time for everything, so if you’re thinking about remodeling but can’t afford it at the moment, don’t panic. Make a plan in place to save up money before proceeding with your bathroom plans. The great news is that the work you do today will help pay off in the future. A bathroom remodel can be a big commitment, financially and physically — but it’s worth it! 


You’ll have a beautiful, new bathroom with all of the modern conveniences you’ve always wanted. Just remember to look before you leap and plan before you start a bathroom remodel, and you’ll be glad you did. The best way is to start learning as much as you can about bathroom remodels before deciding what kind of remodel you want. It’s a big step, so take it slow and steady. 


This guide will provide you the details you needed to have smart bathroom remodeling ideas to help you choose the best bathroom remodeling contractor for your home.

 What Are Your Needs, Wants, and Desires?

It’s too late to think about what you “need” when it comes time for your bathroom remodel. Take some time to look at your home and figure out all the wrong things with your current setup. Then draft a list of everything you want and need to be incorporated into your new bathroom. Why?  Because it’s important to stay organized during a remodel, especially when everyone in the house is using the walls as their message board. A list of goals will assist you in staying on track with what you want out of your bathroom remodel. 


You can make notes while working with bathroom remodel companies and your family on what’s important to everyone. It costs less money, time, and aggravation if you plan for the bathroom remodeling process.


Getting Started

After you’ve listed all of your bathroom remodeling ideas, determine whether or not the remodel will be worth it. If you’re planning the project because every other room has been renovated, but your bathroom is still looking gorgeous as it was when you bought the home. The chances are,  a remodel won’t improve your return on investment.  You’ll have to do some serious convincing before anyone agrees to put money into a space that looks new and modern already.


If possible, get a few estimates for how much everything will cost, including fixtures and appliances, so you know what you’re getting into before jumping headfirst into this project — especially if your list includes expensive items like granite countertops or an elaborate lighting plan.

What Else Do You Need to Know

Bathroom remodels should include more than just a new shower curtain and a fresh coat of paint on the walls. There is work to do outside of the bathroom itself, as well. Think about plumbing, flooring, painting, electrical work, and wall repairs in other areas at home that will be affected by your bathroom remodel. How much work you’ll need to do outside the bathroom depends on how extensive your plans are — but if you’re sitting there thinking, “I’m going to have to replace my carpet when I get done with this,” then chances are you’re looking at more than one project.

Consider The Age of Your Home

If your home was built after 1994, you can’t rip out the tile and put in a new tub — well, unless you’re willing to spend more money than you’ll ever get back for it. Anything older than that, and you’re good to go. Just keep an eye on how many nails are holding your walls together; they might be older than the carpeting. 

Considering The Family-Sized

Ideal bathroom remodeling plans depend entirely on the number of people living in your home right now, as well as those who will live there after the remodel is complete. If only one person will use the bathroom regularly, then there’s no need to build an oversized shower/tub combination — instead, look at getting a smaller shower stall with a neat shower head that can get the job done. If you’re planning to have a couple more kids living with you after your bathroom remodel, a larger tub would be something to consider, especially if they were the ones whining about not having enough room in the current tub.

How Often Do You Need To Use The Bathroom

If you’re using the bathroom several times every day, there might be some urgency for new fixtures and plumbing. But if only one person ever uses it, remodeling shouldn’t be at the top of your list — unless, of course, someone in the family is due for an eye exam or expects to spend lots of time making up “big” plans in front of a full-length mirror. The number of people to use the bathroom every day will also determine what kind of shower stall you need. 


A small, enclosed option works great if only one or two people are using the bathroom, but you might want to consider an oversized version for the whole family. 

Basic Shower Remodel

Before you decide on any size, shape, or color for your new shower stall, take the time to evaluate how much remodeling you’re willing to do yourself instead of hiring out for certain jobs. As for electrical and plumbing work, it is usually best left for an experienced bathroom contractor near me.  However, things like tile and paint are easy enough for anyone to tackle — and it is recommended to start with those two big jobs. It’s crucial to know what you want in your new bathroom, and it all starts with tile. 


If you’re not sure which ones will look best together, try out different colors on the wall — if it looks good on the wall, then it will look good in a larger format.

Remodeling Old Bathrooms

If you’re planning on remodeling an old bathroom, there are a few things to remember. Your original flooring will likely end up being “new” carpeting or tile, if only because of the amount of damage that’s been done from years and years of use. The best thing to start fresh is by pulling up the old carpets and replacing them with something new, with preferably one-of-a-kind tiles that no one else has in their homes.


You’ll also need to pull out the countertops and replace them with new ones (granite or marble work well here), as well as any hardware for doors and drawers; even inexpensive options can add a nice touch to your remodel.


Replacing Kid-Friendly Items

If you have children, or if you’re expecting to after you remodel, it’s important to consider what kind of products you’ll be using in the following categories: fixtures, flooring, and paint. For instance, there’s no point in placing a new shower stall with nice tile all around it when your kids will just end up spilling their (hot) chocolate on it. Go for plastic instead. Also, make sure that anything being replaced is as sturdy as possible, like replacing old sliding doors for new ones made out of glass (for easy cleaning). 


Some people even recommend looking for handrails in older homes; they are usually placed in areas most frequented by little people. Most importantly, don’t forget to install an anti-scald device on your new fixtures. It’s possible to adjust yours so that the water temperature is kept constant — it’s a good safety feature for everyone in the family.

Using Paint To Your Advantage

Another great idea is to use paint as a way of sprucing up your bathroom after your remodel: try painting one wall with bright colors (be careful not to go overboard) or buy a nice border and frame it out — you’ll feel like you have a whole new room! Also, be sure to replace any light switches, knobs, and pull chains during your remodel; they can really make a difference in how “new” the room feels afterward. A fresh coat of paint can also help you feel like you’ve got a whole new home to live in.


If you’ve got the time to plan out your bathroom remodel, it might be a good thing to wait after the holiday season or even over vacation. This way, if something goes wrong with any of your projects (or someone in the family gets sick), you won’t feel like you’re being bombarded by problems all at once. When planning a bathroom remodel, keep safety first — and make sure that everything is easy for kids to get into as well.


 If you’d like to get the best out of your bathroom renovation, then you’ll need to plan. Many things can go wrong in a bathroom during the remodel process, so it’s important that from start to project completion, everything should be planned out appropriately. Just keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have an amazing bathroom by the time everything’s said and done.